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New Versatility Program

The purpose of the RRCUS Versatility Program is to encourage owner participation and acknowledge the accomplishments of Rhodesian Ridgebacks as a versatile breed.

  • At the time of submission, the person applying for a Versatility Award must be both a RRCUS member in good standing and an owner of the dog receiving the award.
  • All requirements must be met by December 31st.
  • Submission of Versatility Applications *&* proof of all titles must be received by the Versatility Statistician on March 1st via:
      • RRCUS website online submission, via email, or via photocopy and postal mail.
  • New Versatility Award earners will be notified by April 15th.
  • Versatility Certificates and rosettes will be presented at the RRCUS National Specialty Annual Awards Banquet. 
      • If owners are not in attendance, certificates and rosettes may be mailed to owners at owner’s expense. 
      • New Versatility Awards will be publicly recognized in the RRCUS magazine and method(s) currently used by RRCUS for communication with the membership (website &/or Constant Contact).
  • Any titles not currently recognized on the Versatility Point Schedule may be reviewed by the Performance Committee, per request by the applicant. 

Approved by the RRCUS BOD,  these new Versatility Program rules will take effect 1/1/2023.

As a 'grandfathering period',  Versatility requirements completed prior to 12/31/2023 may use either the "legacy" or new Versatility Program rules.

Versatility requirements completed after 1/1/2024 will fall under only these new Versatility Program rules.

Versatility Applications for RRs meeting Versatility requirements, may be submitted posthumously

Questions?  Please contact the Versatility Statistician; Sarah Hartwig

VC/VCX/VCM Point Schedule

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