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This Legislative page is a resource for members and will develop as the environment changes related to Breed Specific Legislation, or any other issues we need to be aware of in relation to the Animal Rights groups. Links will be added or updated as appropriate to provide members with comprehensive resources. 

If you would like to contribute anything to this page or feel something specifically needs to be addressed, please contact Dan O'Neill at or or telephone (330) 301-6679.


  • AKC Legislative Alerts will give you a current month as well as the previous months and allows you to track the progress of proposed legislation in any state for that month.
  • The Dog Pressa private dog advocate list that provides a grass roots approach to its emails and may be of interest to you. Anyone can be a member of this group by contacting the link above and requesting to join. It was started by a single individual Linda Witouski, who is the owner of this dog legislation group.


The AKC's Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Program is rapidly becoming recognized as the standard of behavior for dogs in our communities. This is now considered a title by AKC similar to performance titles and can be listed after your Ridgeback's formal name.

Canine Good Citizen® resolutions have been passed by state legislatures and the United States Senate. Also insurance companies are starting to use CGC® to insure breeds they would not otherwise insure, and some condominium associations around the country now require that all dogs in the complex have earned the Canine Good Citizen. Currently these insurance companies are recognizing its value:

        1. Nationwide Insurance is issuing homeowners insurance to owners of breeds previously prohibited by the company, providing the dog passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.
        2. The Hartford Insurance Companies is recognizing the CGC as well

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