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The Education Committee is a chartered committee whose purpose is to distribute and disseminate information on the Rhodesian Ridgeback and dogs in general. This committee shall serve as a source of information at both the basic level, such as someone considering obtaining their first Ridgeback, and the advanced level, such as continuing education for breeders and judges.


We will be happy to arrange for ringside mentoring at National Specialties, Regional Specialties and Supported entries where a major is present. All applicants are asked to make arrangements with the Education chair at the time of show closing.

Please contact Tammy Lynch at


The RRCUS Education Committee is committed to carry on with much needed education, both for new comers to our breed and for our seasoned breeders and exhibitors.  We have developed an extraordinary and unique tool for all: Rhodesian Ridgeback Boot Camp.

We encourage all Regional Clubs and/or Groups or interested individuals to organize a "Stand Alone" Ridgeback Seminar.  

This Boot Camp is an all-day learning Seminar and includes:

1. Breed Standard and Elaboration

2. Skeletal Anatomy

3. Critique of own dog based on learned skills

4. Handling Seminar

Required venue:

1. Indoor facility with enough room for 30 students and their dogs. Procedure will be that of dog show experience. (Expense borne by organizers)

2. Requirement for computer/LCD/power point presentation

3. Pot luck lunch or designated lunch (charged to the attendees)

4. Maximum of 30 students. Presentation is free to the organizers and is staffed by at least 3 presenters from the RRCUS Education Committee provided at RRCUS expense.

5. Regional Clubs etc. may charge a nominal fee; however, revenues beyond venue and equipment expenses should be donated to the RRCUS Education fund.

Please contact the 2nd Vice President for additional information, calendar dates etc.


Provided by RRCUS approved mentors at RRCUS National Specialty Shows, Regional Specialty Shows, and approved Judge's Study Groups. Please contact the Education Chair for details on sponsoring a seminar. In general we require 6 months to one year notice to schedule a presentation.


T. C. Hawley: The Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Origin, History and Standard of the Breed

Stig G. Carlson:

Reading The Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Today

Pet Owner's Guide To The Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback: A Close Encounter of The Personal Kind

David H. Helgesen: The Definitive Rhodesian Ridgeback

Peter Nicholson and Janet Parker: Book of The Breed: the Complete Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ann Woodrow: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Frank C. Lutman: Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Linda Costa: Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers.

RRCUS Standard Elaboration

RRCUS Puppy Pamphlet

Joan Capuzzi VMD: Knack Puppies: A Complete Guide to Raising a Happy Puppy in a Positive Environment

Denise Flaim: Your Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy: The ultimate guide to finding, rearing and appreciating the best companion dog in the world


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