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NOHS Best In Show

The NOHS (National Owner Handler Series) launched in January 2012 to provide recognition and celebrate owner-handlers in the sport.  Below is the list of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and their first time being awarded a BISOH.  

Registered Name & Date of 1st BISOH
In order of receipt
01 GCHG DC Uwanja's Raatum BN RN SC CGCU
5/18/2013 - Abilene Kennel Club
02 GCHS DC Ashantis Regulus Of RoyalStars RE MC OA AXJ NF
9/14/2013 - Bonneville Basin Kennel Association
03 GCH CH Copperridge One Beautiful Sunshine
1/12/2014 - Arrowhead Kennel Club
04 GCHB CH Shakaridge Highlander's Paladin BN RN CGCA TKI
4/19/2014 - Chief Solano Kennel Club
05 GCH CH Zambezi Copperridge Red Hot Lovergirl CGC
10/5/2014 - Chaparral Kennel Club, Inc.
06 GCH CH Cjs Ranch Here Comes Deebo Of Hpk Tropaco JC CA
12/6/2014 - Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association of Orange County
07 GCHG CH Mystiko & Adili's Unstoppable Reign CGC
2/1/2015 - International Kennel Club of Chicago, Inc.
08 GCHS CH Lionlamb's Taigh Movourneens Bruadar
3/29/2015 - Packerland Kennel Club, Inc.
09 GCH CH Mahaba's Serendipity
6/6/2015 - Asheville Kennel Club, Inc.
10 GCHS CH Lionlamb N Shabani's Forbidden Fruit
1/24/2016 - Greater Lowell Kennel Club, Inc.
11 GCHG CH Pheron's Reboot The Mission
3/12/2016 - Seattle Kennel Club, Inc.
12 GCHS CH Applegarth's Wild Wind SC OA NAJ OF CGC TKA
3/25/2016 - Jackson Tennessee Dog Fanciers Association
13 GCHG CH Azize's Purple Heart SC
8/21/2016 - Marshfield Area Kennel Club
14 GCH CH Kimani's Pride And Honor
1/20/2017 - Livonia Kennel Club
15 GCH CH Neema X Sheba Amira Seitz RE TKN
4/1/2017 - Silver State Kennel Club
16 GCHG CH Mazel Tov's Special Agent By Chiastolite CGC
4/8/2017 - Terry-All Kennel Club, Inc.
17 GCHB CH Whirlaway Sirius Canis Major
4/8/2017 - Paper Cities Kennel Club, Inc.
18 GCHP CH Courage Hilltop U Don'T Mess With Zohan Of Afrikka BCAT CGC
5/21/2017 - Waterloo Kennel Club, Inc.
19 GCHP CH Juba Lee's Comin Better Hide Your Heart CD BN RE SC CGCA CGCU TKN
6/28/2017 - Oklahoma City Kennel Club, Inc.
20 GCHB CH Whirlaway's Hangin' At Captain Scott'S BCAT
9/27/2017 - Middleburg Kennel Club
21 GCHS DC Courage's Alexander The Great Of Cjs Ranch RN SC BCAT
10/13/2017 - El Paso Dog Fanciers
22 GCHS CH Sweet Creek's Roche Rouge RI BCAT CGC TKN
10/22/2017 - Wenatchee Kennel Club
23 GCH CH Kakily's Red Archer CD BN RA
11/27/2017 - Arrowhead Kennel ClubC
24 GCHG CH Bindura's Breaker Of Chains MC FCAT2
12/10/2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Kennel Club
25 GCHG CH Luvakis Shirley's Legen-WaitForIt-Dary! Legendary! RA FDC JC DCAT THDN CGCA CGCU TKN ATT
12/10/2017 - Western Reserve Kennel Club, Inc.
26 GCHS CH Vyrtuous Five Alarm Performance SC CGC
2/15/2018 - Big Spring Kennel Club
27 GCHB CH Hilltop Her Futures So Bright U Gotta Wear Shades CA BCAT CGC TKN
4/29/2018 - Mattoon Kennel Club, Inc.
28 GCH CH Dromkeen's Wilde One
5/20/2018 - Long Island Kennel Club
29 GCHS DC Ivorymoon's Quest For Zest RN SC CGC TKN
6/30/2018 - Oklahoma City Kennel Club, Inc.
30 GCHG DC County Line's Scotland Yard CD BN RI MC CA DCAT CGC TKN
7/1/2018 - Del-Otse-Nango Kennel Club
31 GCH CH Shabani's Master Of Illusion
9/16/2018 - Cape Cod Kennel Club, Inc.
32 GCHS CH Priderock's Aedan Of Mobukhosi
1/27/2019 - Erie Kennel Club, Inc.
33 GCH CH Oakhurst Leena Roo
4/6/2019 - Shawnee Kennel Club, Inc.
34 GCHG CH Lionlamb's Dark Horse CA
6/28/2019 - Saratoga New York Kennel Club
35 GCH CH Sierra Ridge Hearts A Blazin' DCAT
7/13/2019 - Del Monte Kennel Club, Inc.
36 GCH CH Heatherstone Rock Solid Performance RN DCAT CGC TKN
9/28/2019 - Cen-Tex Kennel Club, Inc.
37 GCH CH Jumaane Shaka Slunce Zivota CGC
10/26/2019 - Kennel Club of Riverside
38 GCH DC Rainbow Hill's She Comes In Colors SC
11/29/2019 - Yuma Kennel Club
39 GCHB CH Juba Lee Solstice Lunar Eclipse SC CGC TKN
1/11/2020 - Corpus Christi Kennel Club, Inc.
40 GCHB CH Rainbow Hill's Life Is Good SC
2/29/2020 - Kennel Club of Beverly Hills
41 GCHS CH Luvakis Kindoro's True Patriot At Oluchi BN RN SC CGCA CGCU
8/9/2020 - Greater Racine Kennel Club
42 GCH CH Whirlaway's Rock In The Seay Unshaken JC ACT1J SIN SEN CGC TKN
3/10/2021 - Cary Kennel Club
43 GCHB CH Hilltop's Conquering The World
6/24/2021 - Anoka County Minnesota Kennel Club
44 GCHS DC Heatherstone Pride Of My Heart FDC SC CA BCAT
7/9/2021 - Trinity Valley Kennel Club
45 GCHB CH Dykumos Defcon 1 Burning Up The Sky RI JC BCAT CGCU TKN
7/1/2021 - Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club
46 GCHB CH Copperridge Hazy Shade Of Winter BN RI BCAT SWN SCA CGCA CGCU TKI
8/8/2021 - Metairie Kennel Club, Inc.
47 GCHB CH Walker's Pure Joy On Bleecker Street JC ACT1 CGC TKI
9/6/2021 - Schooley's Mountain Kennel Club
48 GCH CH Bindura's The Last Dragon SC
1/10/22 - Manatee Kennel Club, Inc.
49 GCH CH Courages Judge Gideon Of Spotted Ridge JC

1/30/2022 - Los Encinos Kennel Club, Inc.

50 GCHS Kibo's Lady Tanga of Rifrug BCAT CGC TKN ATT

12/4/2022 - Worcester County Kennel Club

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