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Versatility Online Submission Form


Requirements must be met by December 31st.  

The deadline for application submissions & proof of titles is March 1st.  They may however, be submitted prior.

You must be logged in as a member/user to access the application form. 

To complete the online form, click the underscored "VC VCX VCM APPLICATION" link above

On the next screen click the blue "Register" button on the left. 

Once you've completed the online form, it will automatically be emailed to the Versatility Statistician.  You will also receive an email confirming your successful submission.

In addition to this online form, you must also submit proof of titles earned.

The easiest way to do this is to take a screenshot from the AKC app "MY AKC", submenu "Manage Dogs", highlight the pertinent dog & select submenu "Titles & Points".  Then simply email the screenshot(s) to the Versatility Statistician.

- OR -

Scan hardcopies of title certifications and email to the Versatility Statistician.

Versatility Statistician = Sarah Hartwig

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