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Mrs. Pamela Lambie - Confirmation Judge

My love affair with dogs began early on…in fact, I cannot remember a time without a dog in my life.  Growing up, my family had Poodles and Pekinese.  In my early teens my parents purchased our first mastiffs.  They made an agreement with the breeders to show them to their championships.  We had no idea what that meant, or how it would shape my life!

When my husband Bob and I married in 1978, we took a puppy from my parents’ first litter.  She went on to become “CH Black Velvet’s Kaluha ‘n Cream.  With her, we were bitten by the show bug.  She went on to become the top Mastiff bitch in 1980 and 1981.

We bred under the prefix “LamBay” and produced many beautiful champions.  In the mid-1980s we added numerous breeds to our household – Bernese Mountain Dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Longhaired Dachshunds, Doberman Pinschers, German Shorthaired Pointer, Pointers, Vizslas, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Whippets.  It was my husbands’ love for the versatile sighthound that began to turn our main interest to the whippets.  We focused on selectively breeding and became breeders of All-Breed Best In Show and Specialty winners as well as the American Whippet Club Top 20 Winner in 1995!

I left the corporate world in the late 1980’s to commit to handling full time.  Throughout my career as a Professional Handler I was privileged to campaign many beautiful, and nationally ranked dogs.  I am equally blessed to have had the love and support of my husband and daughters along the way!

My husband Bob and I have two daughters, Amber and Audra, son-in-law Matt, and two precious grandchildren, Holden and Hazel.  We live close to our family in Phoenix, Arizona and currently share our home with our Ridgeback, Lehua.

I am happily pursuing the next phase of my life as an AKC Judge.  Currently I am licensed to judge the Hound and Sporting Groups, approximately ½ of the Working Group, Australian Shepherds, Bouvier des Flandres,   Jr. Showmanship and Best In Show.

I am honored to be judging the Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty!

Mrs. Marie Glodowski - Sweepstakes, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Brace

Thank you for the honor of being selected as Sweepstakes Judge for our incredible breed. I am truly delighted! One of the most fun events at the National Specialty is the Sweepstakes competition. With each assignment comes new opportunities and responsibilities for finding the dog (or bitch) that best embodies the breed we all love. When you see the Ridgebacks that pull together everything you’re looking for, they can’t be denied. The excitement of finding the special puppies with a bright future, or the delight in seeing the greatness in the veterans is truly a privilege.

Since meeting my first Ridgeback in 1993, then co-owning my first Ridgeback, a Juniors dog in 1995, this breed has been my passion. Over the past 30 years, my dogs and I have participated in conformation and various performance activities like lure-coursing, obedience, agility, and nose work. I appreciate all aspects of what our dogs were bred to do. They are truly beauty in motion. As a breeder-owner-handler, I’ve finished many dogs and enjoy competing with them in conformation and other events where time allows.

Continuous education of our standard and its elaboration is something I enjoy and something I’ve taken seriously. I have attended judge’s education seminars given by the Education Committee at various specialties. I am also a RRCUS Breed Mentor. Previous sweepstakes judging assignments over the years have taken me to the SDRRC in Palm Springs, California, Perry, Georgia, Greeley, Colorado, Lexington Kentucky, among others including the Michigan Hound Association where I judged all Hound sweeps for Puppies and Veterans. 

Thank you to the Ridgeback community for the ultimate privilege of being selected as a sweepstakes judge for the 2023 National Specialty. I look forward to the pleasure of seeing your dogs in action. Being a breeder, owner, handler and having judged several Ridgeback and Hound assignments, I anticipate the distinction of being able to combine all of this into rewarding your beautiful Ridgebacks as a Sweeps Judge.

Aside from all things dog, I enjoy spending time with my family (thanks for being such a supportive husband, Marcin!), going up north, paddle boarding, and reading. I also forward to teaching Sonia and Maksym more about the dog world too!

I thank you for putting your trust and confidence in me. This is a realization of so many moments, goals, and dreams.

Mr. Jeffery Lentsch - 4 - 6month Baby Puppy, Jr. Showmanship

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for selecting me to be a part of the judging panel at this year’s National Specialty.

I have been breeding and exhibiting dogs for over 30 years, starting with my original breed, Pointers. My children and I were active in 4-H and AKC Junior Showmanship, so we also owned Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and PBGV’s. About 1999 I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra Gordon and her Ridgebacks. To put it mildly, they won my heart.  Sandie and I eventually were married and moved from Philadelphia to New Jersey with our “kids”. Though Sandie is no longer with us, my love for the breed continued to grow as did the desire to “give back” to the breed and sport that meant so much to me. I studied and met with breed mentors and applied to become a Judge. I started judging in 2016 and feel privileged to have been able to meet so many of the beautiful dogs that are being shown and their breeders. 

Even though I judge, my heart is in my breeding program and my vision that I have. I continue to breed and exhibit my Ridgebacks under the Kennel Name “Dimond” as well as my Belgian Malinois which have the Kennel Name “Rainessence”.  

Mrs. Angie Hartley - Tri-Conformation
Tifari Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Michigan.

I have been in the Ridgeback fancy for 20 years and been breeding for the last 15 years. I am so excited to judge the conformation portion of the triathlon this year, as my personal goal as a breeder is to produce a Versatile Ridgeback!  
I have a total of 9 RRUCS VC/VCX titles on dogs I have owned and bred. I have thoroughly enjoyed competing the triathlon in year’s past and I have 6 Triple Q pins.

I look forward to this year’s entry and watching the obvious bond and dedication each owner has with their canine partner to be that TEAM required to compete in the TRI, and I hope you all Triple Q!!

See you in South Dakota!

Ms. Nancy Withers - Obedience & Rally

It´s hard to believe how much an ad in the ¨Pets for Sale¨section of our local newspaper in February, 1978 has changed my life!  From that ad I bought my first Shetland Sheepdog who along with three other of my Shelties earned their American and Canadian Utility degrees.  For some time I only owned Shelties, but now I can proudly say I also have owned two Pembroke Welsh Corgi to pair with a Sheltie.  A  good combination a breeds for both the dogs and their owner!

Prior to becoming a judge I put obedience titles on a Pug, Kuvasz,  Border Terrier, Golden Retriever and a Corgi.  Several other of my own dogs have also earned CD´s, Rally titles, herding titles and a tracking title.  My current Corgi, Ozzie, is working with our good friend Amanda Nickle in herding.  I judged my first AKC obedience trial in 1992, and am approved for all obedience and Rally classes, with a judging schedule that keeps me quite busy.

I have been an active member of the Berks County (Pennsylvania) Dog Training Club since 1978, and have served in most every office and club position.  Have been a member of Interstate Shetland Sheepdog Club since 1978, and ASSA since 1984, as well as a member of the Del Bay Herding Club.. I´ve also been very active in both organizing and behind the scenes work in various tournaments and regional obedience competitions.

Enjoy the camaraderie of your friends, old and new, these next few days, and best of luck to all exhibitors!  Thank you for inviting me to judge!

Enjoy the camaraderie of your friends, old and new, these next few days, and best of luck to all exhibitors!  Thank you for inviting me to judge!

Ms. Megan Schafer - Agility 

I was "bitten" by the agility bug at a local kennel club fun match waaaaay back in 1999 with my first dog, Precious, an American Eskimo Dog. She went on to become the first MACH dog in Wyoming. I have been judging agility since 2006 and I enjoy it very much.

In addition to Precious, my dogs have included Shadow, a rescue Belgian Shepherd. I am currently running an Australian Shepherd - my husband's dog, named Faith. I have also earned a MACH and PACH title with my husband's Belgian Tervuren, Sassy.

In addition to agility, I compete in Rally, Obedience, and Conformation with my dogs. My husband and I own a specialty pet food store in Casper where I also teach obedience and agility foundations. Beside our dogs, I enjoy wildlife photography, gardening and birdwatching.


Mrs. Jennifer Gysler - Lure Coursing
Happiness is a lure coursing trial!

I am honored and so grateful to have the opportunity to judge for our wonderful breed at our lure coursing nationals.  

My greatest love, next to my husband of course, is either hosting a lure coursing trial or judging a lure coursing trial.  To see the joy and intensity of our Ridgebacks running a course is the absolute best!

I stumbled into lure coursing about 16 years ago with my first two RRs, my livernose boy Paladin and my crazy girl Daisy Mayhem.  I’ve learned so much from all of my RRs as we did conformation, agility, rally and obedience, but for me it always comes back to coursing.  

After learning the various positions at a lure coursing trial, I decided to learn how to become a judge, first with the AKC in 2014 and then with ASFA in 2017.  This was such a gift because it has allowed me to travel across the U.S., from coast to coast, and into Alaska and Canada, judging coursing trials, meeting folks and their amazing hounds and having loads of fun along the way.  I learn something at every event, from the people and clubs hosting and working the events, other judges, and of course the hounds!  Whether I’m judging 100 dogs or 10 dogs, I treasure every moment.

See you on the field!

Ms. Darci Kunard- Lure Coursing

Dogs have been a central part of Darci's life for as long as she can remember. Her first Pharaoh Hound, Kaba, sparked a passion for lure coursing, running trials, judging, and eventually breeding (Lotus Pharaohs.) Currently she shares her home with 3 Pharaohs: Cayman (1), Cayper (6), and Caliber (2) along with Gito (9) a Spanish Podenco. Her Pharaoh boys have enjoyed much success in th show ring and coursing field. Cayman spent 3 years as the #1 ASFA Pharaoh and 1 year as #1 AKC. Cayper has been the #1 ASFA Pharaoh for the last 5 years, and was last year's #1 AKC Pharaoh. Darci lives outside of Denver, Colorado with her husband of 25 years and works full-time for a chemical manufacturer. Outside of dog events and work, Daci loves to travel: she's visited all 50 US States, 6/7 continents, and tracking to visit 100 countries in the near future. It is an honour to judge your national specialty - thank you and Tally-Ho!

Mrs. Nancy Faville - Best Ridge Overall Judge

I’ve been a RRCUS member since 2003, and there is no aspect of club’s annual calendar that I love more than the National Specialty. Not even the largest of the regional specialties can compare to it. You come to exhibit your ridged dogs in competition with others from the across the nation, hoping that you are successful in events you enjoy, whether performance or conformation. 

Regardless of the events we choose to be part of, the Best Ridge competition is an important favorite as it pulls us altogether to focus on that one aspect of our dogs that is both essential and very unique. Our standard defines how this peculiarity should appear: its general shape, length, and placement. Even though the rules are clear, judging Best Ridge can be a difficult proposition, given the variation in styles that exist. From my own experience judging Best Ridge, I feel you know “it” when you see it, even when there are many to choose from.

I look forward to this year‘s Best Ridge competition, it’s a fun event

Mrs. Dawn Garbett - Best Ridge Dog Judge

I met my first Ridgebacks as a teenager hanging out at the barn. I immediately fell in love with these powerful, elegant dogs. I was hooked. I babysat and rode horses to earn the money to buy my first puppy, Guinevere.

In 2009, I brought my special liver girl, Bella (Ch Tam Lyns Sweet Celtic Siren CGC TDI HIC TT ROM) home from Karla and Craig Boreiko’s. She became my first show dog, my heart dog, and my foundation.

I bred my first litter in 2012. From that litter I kept Luna. Luna or Lunatic, as we lovingly call her, grew up to be MBIS MBISS RBIS NBVISS GCHG Celtic Lore’ s Moonlight and Magic CGC TDI JC ROM. Luna was the Number One Ridgeback, all systems, People’s Choice Winner, and the Best of Breed Winner at Eukanuba in 2015. Luna has been a breeder’s dream come true.

Since then, I have produced multiple Top 5 dogs, including RBIS BISS GCHG Celtic Lore’s Perfect Storm JC ROM and GCHG Quest’s Straight From the Heart of Celtic Lore, multiple group winners, and multiple group placers. I have bred over 30 champions, a good part of them being breeder owner handled.

I am currently a member of the RRCUS Board. I am the Junior Coordinator for RRCUS and am also the Editor of the Ridgeback Magazine. I have been continuing my education and working towards being able to apply to judge.

I am absolutely honored to be one of the Best Ridge judges for the 2023 National Specialty!! See you all in South Dakota!

Mrs. Lin Hainlen - Best Ridge Bitch Judge

I was born an animal lover. My family always had a pet dog or two and an occasional bunny or stray cat. By the time I was 12 we added horses to the mix. I showed horses through my teen years. I moved to Arizona when I was 17 so I wouldn’t have to chop the ice out of my horses’ water buckets in the winter! When I was 18 I added my first show dog, an Irish Wolfhound to my family. Next came another IW then a show miniature Poodle. At the time I was working my way through college by grooming show dogs for a Bichon & Poodle breeder. It gave me an education in dog shows as well. 

Over the years, as I raised my family, I rescued lots and lots of Labradors. I would test them out with kids and cats and horses, retrain and rehome, except for the foster failures. In 1995, when my son, Chris was 11, he wanted a show dog. He was given the task of researching breeds. He spent a year doing that and while we gave him guidelines, it was he that chose the Rhodesian Ridgeback. It changed my life forever!! At first, Bob and I committed to getting our son and his dogs to shows but before you could blink, Bob and I and daughter Aura were all showing Ridgebacks. It has been our passion ever since. 

Some of our more notable dogs were top 10 dogs including INT. CH Wyndrunhr Skywalker, JC and GCH Red Dawg Christofel O’Copprrdg, SC. We’ve been lucky enough to have bred and shown many, many dogs to their championships, both in the ring and on the field. I spent over a decade enjoying agility as a competitor and a teacher at our local club. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had with my Ridgebacks!  I love to put a variety of titles from BIF to trick dog, rally titles, CGC, agility titles, farm dog, Fast Cat, etc. to make them well rounded. I believe in the versatility of our breed. And I’m looking forward to judges many beautiful ridges in Rapid City!

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