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If you are holding a Regional Specialty, a Designated Regional Specialty, or a Concurrent Regional Specialty, the Regional Specialty Club must complete the AKC Event Application in the Regional Club's name and number and have an officer of the Regional Club sign it. This form is then e-mailed or faxed to Event Plans ( or 919-816-4220 by the Regional Club. There is also a fee that must be paid to the AKC by the Regional Club. If you are holding a Regional Specialty in conjunction with an All Breed Club or during a cluster you must have a Host letter of consent from the host club. All Regional Clubs have been pre-approved by RRCUS to hold your Specialties for 2016 and 2017. Regional clubs are responsible for complying with RRCUS requirements for holding Regional Specialties. RRCUS will supply a medallion free of charge, but it must be ordered from the RRCUS Store.

If you are applying for a Regional Specialty, Designated Regional Specialty, or a Concurrent Regional Specialty, the Regional Specialty Club must also fill out the Supported Show Online Application and submit it to RRCUS as well as the results after the show is completed. This is to provide RRCUS with a record of the show, so that the show can be listed on the schedule. The schedule is available on and printed in "The Ridgeback". Results are printed in "The Ridgeback". The results MUST be submitted within 30 days.


If you are applying to sponsor a Supported Show, 

The Show Chair of the All Breed Club will then be notified and will be sent the required text for printing in the premium list and catalog. You can order the Medallion from the RRCUS Store. The medallion will not be sent until it is paid for. A supported Show may be sponsored by a RRCUS member or a Regional Club.

Any Supported Show with/without sweepstakes in conjunction with an All Breed Club must have a consent letter from the All Breed Club. This letter needs to be sent along with the Applications if possible. It can be emailed or mailed to:

RRCUS Corresponding Secretary

Susan Ohanesian

8200A Bulls Ferry Rd #3

North Bergen, NJ 07047


The Corresponding Secretary will then sign and fax the sweepstakes form to the AKC Event Plans along with an email to you to confirm the application has been sent to the AKC Event Plans.

Once this is all submitted, you need to wait a week or so and then call AKC Event Plans at 919-816-4220 to make sure they have everything they need.

By AKC rule, clubs are still required to apply for a sweepstakes. However, sponsors are no longer required to submit their sweepstakes classes and sweepstakes judge assignment to the AKC. The sponsors are required to submit the classes and judge assignment directly to the All Breed Club. They will then let the show secretary or superintendent responsible for the sweepstakes know the sweepstakes classes being offered and the name of the sweepstakes judge. Use the AKC SWEEPSTAKES FORM (PDF) to apply for a sweepstakes in conjunction with an All Breed Club.

Once the Supported Show is over, the results MUST be submitted either by using the Show Results PDF or submitted ONLINE. If there was a sweepstakes use the Sweepstakes Results PDF or submitted ONLINE. The results MUST be submitted within 30 days.  Send these pages, along with the catalog's title page, point schedule, and all RR competition pages, including applicable obedience page and trophy pages. The results are usually available from the Superintendent a few days after the show is over.

**If you are mailing PDF RESULT forms, please use this contact information.

Office of RRCUS Show Results

Ginny Merchant

38741 Ilex Trail

Eustis, Fl 32736


Online Submission Form For Supported Shows

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