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RRCUS amateur Owner Handler award Program

(Approved November, 2017 RRCUS BOD)

(G. Approved January, 2018 RRCUS BOD)

(Point Schedule Item J. Approved April, 2018 RRCUS BOD)

(B. 4. & 5. Approved January, 2020 RRCUS BOD)

(Comprehensive revision Approved May 2023—Effective 1/1/2024)


 1. To encourage member owners and co-owners of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs to participate as Owner-Handlers in Conformation Competition.  The RRCUS member must be an amateur handler.

 2. To foster Sportsmanship among those showing their dogs, and participating in AKC Events.

NOTE: Points are awarded on a competition basis only.  A dog must defeat another dog to earn points.  For Example:

  • If a dog has no competition in its class, no points are awarded for First Place.  
  • That same dog defeats another dog for Winners.   Two points are awarded.
  • Winners Dog defeats Winners Bitch for one additional point, plus Best of Breed with no Champions competing therefore, no additional points.
  • The dog does not place in Group.
  • Total for the event is 3 points.


A.   All participating Owner-Handlers must be RRCUS members as of January 1 of the year of participation and must register with the Program Coordinator, who is selected by the RRCUS Board of Directors. 

   1.   The Program year is January 1 through December 31.

   2.   Registration must be received by February 1 for the year of participation.

   3.  Junior Handlers whose parents or legal guardians are RRCUS members are eligible.

   4.   Members who are or have been professional handlers, who work or have worked as non-juniors for professional handlers, or juniors currently working for professional handlers, may not participate in the program.

 B.  Only one dog per show may be exhibited for points by any one person. If an owner exhibits more than one dog of their ownership, the dog accumulating the most number of points for the day will be counted.

1. Ownership and date of ownership is determined by the AKC Registration Certificate. For example, if a dog is shown and the Owner-Handler is NOT listed in the official record, the owner must submit to the Coordinator a copy of the AKC Registration verifying ownership and date of ownership for points to be awarded.  It shall be considered unsportsmanlike conduct to solicit co-ownerships in order to increase the number of dogs a participant shows and thereby increase chances to earn owner-handler points. The total number of dogs owned or co-owned and used for owner-handler competition shall be no more than 4 per year.

2.  The AKC MONTHLY CONFORMATION REPORT is the only official record by which points will be verified.

3.  It is the responsibility of the participant to provide accurate information.  

4.  All point submissions must be received by the Coordinator as follows:  Points earned each month must be submitted no later than the 15th of the month after the month in which they were earned or they will be forfeited.


Jan. Points due by Feb. 15

Feb. Points due by March 15

March Points due by April 15

April Points due by May 15

May Points due by June 15

June Points due by July 15

July Points due by Aug. 15

Aug. Points due by Sept. 15

Sept. Points due by Oct. 15

Oct. Points due by Nov. 15

Nov. Points due by Dec. 15

Dec. Points due by Jan. 15 of the following year

C. All participants in this program, by their registration, agree to the following conditions of participation.

1.    The AKC Code of Sportsmanship will apply to all AKC events entered or attended by participants of this program.  As representatives of RRCUS and the breed, all program participants will conduct themselves in accordance with the RRCUS Code of Ethics, Section V.

2.  I will assist any other exhibitor in need if at all possible.

3.  I will endeavor to congratulate the winners and graciously accept the same when I win.

4.  I will not belittle any other exhibitor or their dog at any AKC event, by direct email to the exhibitor, or by any social media platform.

5.  I will not dispute, or in any way refute a judges’ decision at any AKC event or by direct email to the judge, or by any social media platform.


D. Any behavior violating program rules that results in a complaint from anyone will be investigated and if substantiated will result in forfeiting all points and removal from the competition for the year in which the incident occurred and, a one year suspension from the program for the year following the incident. 

1.The investigation of the complaint will be conducted by a committee consisting of the Program Coordinator and two impartial people appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Committee’s decision will be final.

2. Suspension by the AKC for any reason will result in a suspension from RRCUS for a like time and supercedes the investigation of the complaint by the RRCUS committee described in item 1.

E.  The participant with the highest number of program points will be declared the winner of the RRCUS Amateur Owner-Handler Program for that year.  The top ten placing RRCUS Amateur Owner-Handlers will be recognized for their accomplishments at the RRCUS Awards Ceremony.

F. Any participant who wins or has won the RRCUS Amateur Owner-Handler Competition is no longer eligible to participate in the regular program competition.

G. Any previous winner is eligible to compete in the Masters’ Class of the RRCUS Amateur Owner-Handler Competition. There must be a minimum of three participants. All Program Guidelines will apply. There will be recognition for the winner only at the RRCUS Awards Ceremony.

POINT SCHEDULE (Points will be awarded on the following basis)

A. First in Class 1 point
B. Reserve Winners Dog/Bitch 1 add'l point
C. Winners Dog/Bitch 2 add'l points
D. Best of Winners 1 add'l point
E. Best of Breed from classes 5 add'l points if Ch. are defeated
F. Best of Breed-Specials Class only 3 points
G. Best of Opposite Sex from Classes 3 add'l points if Ch. of same sex are defeated
H. Best of Opposite Sex-Specials Class 2 points if Ch. of the same sex are defeated
I. Best of Opposite Sex-Specials Class 1 point if WD/WB are defeated
J. Select (only if a champion of the same sex is defeated) 1 point
K. Group 4 1 add'l point
L. Group 3 2 add'l points
M. Group 2 3 add'l points
N. Group 1 4 add'l points
O. Best in Show from BOB class 35 points total
Reserve Best in Show from BOB class 35 points total
P. Best in Show from regular classes 40 points total
Reserve Best in Show from regular classes 35 points total
NATIONAL SPECIALTY (Regional Specialties & Supported Entries are treated like an All Breed show)
A. First in Class 10 points
B. Second in Class 8 points
C. Third in Class 6 points
D. Fourth in Class 4 points
E. Reserve Winners Dog/Bitch 5 add'l points
F. Winners Dog/Bitch 5 add'l points
G. Best of Winners 5 add'l points
H. BOS (from regular class) 45 points total
I. BOS (from veteran class) 25 points total
J. BOS (from BOB class) 20 points total
K. BISS (from BOB class) 50 points total
L. BISS (from veteran class) 30 points total
M. Select 15 points
N. Award of Merit 15 points
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