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New Titles Report for 2012

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CH Ancient Hill Dramatic Arrival

CH Applegarth's Wild Wind JC

CH Archetype Special Selection SC

CH Camelot's Stella Of Rothesay

CH Copperridge Fire And Ice

CH Dimond's My Kind Of Girl

CH Dimond's What About Mia

CH Fm's Racing In The Street

CH Hunter's Ridge Sure Shot By Kwetu

CH Juba Lee's Creola In My Soula

CH Justiceridge Tau Our Dayo Tayo SC

CH Kito's Supafly Smyth

CH Koda's It's All About The Game

CH Kuluta Listen To Your Heart

CH Lamarde Perro Mona Lisa

CH Manzanita's 5 Alarm Chili

CH Mazel Tov's Mayan Treasure

CH Shabani's Princess Nala

CH Terracotta's Ringo Starr

CH Westwood The Girl Is Mine

CH Wild West Straight Shooter By Courage

CH Wise's In Rare Form

Grand Champion

GCH CH Crooked Roof's Jesse Quest

GCH CH Diablo's Kona Fallen Angel

GCH CH Diablo's Kona Force Of Nature

GCH CH Jamille's Red Carpet Diva

GCH CH Juba Lee Breezy Run Like The Wind JC

GCH CH Juba Lee's The Need For Speed

GCH DC Kennebec's Hearthrob By Ivy League CD SC

GCH CH Kimani's Final Fantasy Of Ramnes

GCH CH Rambo's Gunfight At The Ok Corral JC

GCH CH Rijstone Faraway Downs

GCH CH Stardust In The Cool Of The Evening

Beginner Novice

Jesmysters Flashy Rascal Of Punda-Ma-Tenka BN RN SC

Paradigm's Grand Slam CD BN RE SC THD

CH Van D Piers Simply To The Maxx CD BN RE NAJ

Rally Novice

Rivercity & Juba Lee's Girl On The Go RN SC

CH Sanyati's D'Artagnan Of Ridgelea RN

Rally Advanced

Tifari's Lightning Strykes Twice RA JC

Rally Excellent

Tifari's Precious Gem RE SC NA OAJ

Junior Courser

Freedoms Fabulous Fly Boy JC

Hpk-Tropaco D Livery Par Avion O'Cjs Ranch JC

Kandu's Meeka JC

Oakhurst Dumah JC

CH Spring Valley's One For The Road JC

Vyrtuous Sound Of An Angel's Wings JC

Senior Courser

Carolinas Shelby SC

CH Chiastolite Obsidian Knight Of Hpk-Tropaco SC

Hpk-Tropaco Fergalicious SC

GCH CH Juba Lee Breezy Run Like The Wind SC

GCH CH Juba Lee Jersey Boy SC

Juba Lee's Winston SC

CH Kengali's Sweet Chyld 'O Myne Too SC

GCH CH Mardi Gras Jewel Of Africa BN RA SC NAJ NJP NFP

CH Ridgehill's Shooter's Red Bullet SC

Vyrtuous Inca SC

Master Courser

FC Tobi's Mubemba MC

CH Umtali's Country Bumpkin MC

Lure Courser Excellent

DC Calluna White Russian MC LCX

Field Champion

FC Chiastolite Empress Of Pearl O'Hpk-Tropaco SC

DC Juba Lee's Papa Tart SC

FC Sylvanridge's Night Cafe At Sulawesi SC

FC Wheatridge Soloist O'Kahlu SC

Lure Coursing Excellent 2

GCH DC Diamond's Twisis Tempt'N MC LCX2

Novice Agility

Bakari's Maximilian Fox Eylan NA NAJ

FC Basha SC NA

K-Tai Sey What? TD NA NAJ

CH Riveroads Ridgerunr Hammer Of Thor BN RN JC NA NAP NJP

Vyrtuous Emma Good Thief RN TD MC NA NAJ

Open Agility

DC Highveld's Chamilandu Chura RN SC OA OAJ

CH Kennebec Hey Big Spender TD OA OAJ

Koru's Rowin' My Way OA OAJ

CH Taylor Made's Back Up Plan SC OA NAJ

Open Agility Preferred

Lamarde Perro Neemazuri CD RE OAP NJP

Agility Excellent

Cynara's Beguiling Calypso AX AXJ NF

DC Sanyati's Savanna Shasha CD RE MC AX AXJ

Wheatridge's Cinderella Man AX AXJ NF

Agility Excellent Preferred

GCH DC Freland's Run Beyond The Limit CDX RAE SC MX MXJ AXP AJP

Novice Agility Jumper

Bakari's Maximilian Fox Eylan NAJ

K-Tai Sey What? TD NA NAJ

Tophat's Shangwe Joy RAE NAJ NJP

Vyrtuous Emma Good Thief RN TD MC NA NAJ

Novice Agility Jumper Preferred

CH Aslan's Comin Thru Cutter NAP NJP

Open Agility Jumper

GCH CH Luvakis Ekundu's Don'T Call Me Shirley CD RE SC NA OAJ

FC Tifari's Simply Sinful CDX RE SC OA OAJ NAP NF

Master Excellent Jumper

DC Sanyati's Savanna Shasha CD RE MC AX MXJ

Agility FAST Novice

FC Tifari's Simply Sinful CDX RE SC OA NAJ NAP NF

Master Agility Champion

FC MACH Koru's C'Ya Later SC XF

Master Agility Champion 2

FC MACH2 Hpk Tropaco Noelani Ka'imi SC OF

Therapy Dog

Cohansey River Kicho CD THD

Wild West African Queen THD