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Breeder Directory

The members listed in this directory have paid for the opportunity to advertise herein. The club does not endorse or recommend any breeder, nor does it guarantee the puppies or services of any breeder. This directory is designed for the convenience of prospective owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks trying to locate a puppy or a grown dog, or for those seeking a stud service or a rescue dog. Since the club makes no recommendations, it is suggested that a potential buyer or breeder contact several of the breeders in this directory in order to develop a frame of reference. As you interview a breeder, look for a person who is dedicated to the improvement of the breed, who only breeds when they feel they can make an improvement in their already show-quality breeding stock, and someone who does not produce Ridgebacks for profit. Be advised that everyone who advertises in this directory has agreed to abide by the Club's Code of Ethics, as printed herein.

More specifically, they have agreed to the following conditions:

1. Will x-ray the hips of all breeding stock.

2. For breeding purposes, will use only dogs free of hip dysplasia.

3. Have obtained an OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification of clear hips, or an OFA Preliminary x-ray.

4. Agree to abide by the Club's Bylaws, Code of Ethics and the regulations of The American Kennel Club.


There are several things you should expect to receive when you purchase a puppy or an older dog from a breeder in this directory:

1. The AKC Registration Application, completed and signed by the breeder, should be provided to you at the time you take the puppy home. The papers are never to be sold separately from the puppy. If there is a co-ownership agreement involved, be certain that you fully understand the impact of the co-ownership and that you receive a copy of any contract or agreement that you sign. All co-owners have a legal right to the dog.

2. The Medical Record, containing puppy's date of birth and dates of inoculations and wormings, on the veterinarian's letterhead or medical jacket with his name, address, and phone number, so that he may be contacted if necessary. A 48-hour health guarantee is standard, giving you time to have the puppy checked by your own veterinarian to assure its health.

3. A Pedigree, signed by the breeder, containing the AKC registration numbers of the pup's parents and any available registration and OFA numbers of the puppy's ancestors. Photos of parents are optional, but always a nice touch. You should ask to see the OFA certificate for each of the parents, and the breeder should be able to give you the OFA history of all the dogs in the pedigree.

4. An Instruction Sheet, giving the quantity of food the puppy has been eating, the brand of food recommended by the breeder, and the schedule on which the puppy has been fed. This is very important, since verbal instructions are quite often forgotten as you concentrate all of your attention on the new puppy and taking it home.

5. A small supply of puppy's current food and a gallon jug of puppy's water, to be replaced by your water as the puppy drinks, so that the puppy will not suffer digestive upset from the change.

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