Order your copy of the Ridgeback health and genetics seminar presented by Dr. Jerold Bell of Tufts University at the 2007 RRCUS National Specialty!

Among the topics discussed in this three-hour presentation: the average coeffiencies of inbreeding (COI) for Ridgebacks throughout the decades; inbreeding versus outcrossing; a study of actual Ridgeback pedigrees to determine ancestor influence; and an analysis of heritable diseases affecting Ridgebacks, from hypothyroidism to degenerative myelopathy.

If you would like to order this two-DVD set, please send a check or money order made out to RRCUS for $35 (which includes shipping and handling) to Denise Flaim, 81 Lafayette Ave., Sea Cliff, NY 11579.

If you are overseas -- or if you prefer to pay via credit card or PayPal -- the cost is $38. Please email Denise Flaim if you would like to arrange for an electronic payment of this kind. .