The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States

70th National Specialty
"2001: A Ridgeback Odyssey"



Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter All regular and non-regular conformation classes
Mr. William Sahloff Puppy & veterans sweepstakes, triathlon conformation
Mr. Christopher Cornell Obedience
Ms. Kera L. Holm Agility
Ms. Lyndell Ackerman
Ms. Lee Opresko
Lure coursing
Ms. Emma Marshall Best ridge


All photos have been archived.

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The webmaster gratefully acknowledges her friends for sharing the photography duties at the specialty while she was busy exhibiting her own dogs! Those friends include:

  • Mike Miller
  • Julie Skeen
  • Ron Lindsay

Thanx to each of you for cheerfully agreeing to be pressed into service.

Additional, special thanks to Marykay and Frank Ligocki for all of the beautiful agility photos.